5 Things to Do Before Taking Your Car to Recyclers

Do you have an old car that you would like to get rid of? Read on and discover some of the things that you should do before you surrender that car to auto parts recyclers

Cancel Insurance

Contact your insurance company and ask them to cancel the insurance policy on that car. Otherwise, you could end up continuing to pay insurance for that old car after it has already been dismantled and recycled.

Remove Your Property

Check that old car carefully and make sure that none of your belongings, such as umbrellas and sandals, were left inside car. Places to pay attention to include the boot, the glove compartment, beneath the seats and the pockets on the doors. Anything that you forget inside the car may end up being discarded once that vehicle reaches the recycling yard since the auto parts recyclers are only interested in car parts.

Check Environmental Accreditation

Make sure that the auto parts recycler that you select is accredited for the environmentally sustainable way in which he or she does his/her work of recycling old cars. Such accreditation will assure you that your old car will not contribute to harming the environment in an avoidable way, such as when vehicle fluids are allowed to leak onto the ground.

Check for Free Services

Part of your selection process should entail finding out which services are offered free of charge by the auto parts recyclers. For example, some may help you to handle the tax deduction paperwork for that old car while others may remove the car from your yard at no cost. Such extra services can reduce the costs and inconveniences that you have to go through while sending your car to be recycled.

Transfer the Title 

You should also make sure that you transfer the title deed of the vehicle to the name of the auto parts recycling company. This will safeguard you from any liability issues that can later arise in connection with that car after it leaves your yard. Confirm that the recycler has effected the transfer in case the company offers to handle that aspect of the process of disposing of your car.

Different jurisdictions have specific regulations that govern how a car can be handed over for recycling. For example, some jurisdictions require the owner to remove the number plates and surrender them to the motor vehicle registration authorities. Adhere to all the regulations in your area so that you avoid any legal issues that could arise from any oversight during the recycling process.