Is Your Refrigerated Transportation Partner on the Top of Their Game?

If your business relies on products that must be kept below a certain temperature at all times, you need to be particularly careful with your supply chain. You will want to ensure that your delivery partner fully understands the repercussions of underperformance and want to ensure that they use the best industry tools available to help them do their job. What are some of the factors you need to consider as you choose your next delivery partner?

Focus on Refrigeration

Refrigerated delivery is vital for governments and health boards that arrange for vaccine distribution. Some medications must be kept below a certain temperature, or they will go off, and this is just one example of the importance of proper transportation.

Nothing Left to Chance

Your business may involve the shipment of frozen food that will spoil very quickly if things go wrong. In this case, you won't want to leave anything to chance and should make sure that your delivery partner thinks the same way.

What-If Scenarios

The best refrigerated delivery companies will always be planning and looking forward. They will ask themselves "what if" as they prepare to handle your goods and will take the uncertainty out of the equation whenever possible.

Using Technology

Some companies have access to special software tools that can conduct a risk analysis using various data streams. They will be able to look for potential problem areas that others may overlook, or could be caused by circumstances that might be difficult to spot.

Area for Scrutiny

For example, they will:

  • look at how inclement weather along the supply chain could delay delivery at any particular point.
  • take note of extremely high temperatures and how any exposure could compromise quality.
  • look at any planned roadworks along the entire route, or how associated delays could throw a spanner in the works.
  • analyse this data at every stage of the product journey, even if some elements of delivery are outside their control.

If they find any issues, they should liaise with you and other transport partners to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Together, you should coordinate any further action needed to ensure perfect performance.

Making Your Choice

Don't leave anything to chance and ensure that your refrigerated transport partner is equally as committed. Ask them what steps they will take to ensure that your delivery will be on time and in perfect condition.

Contact a local refrigerated delivery service to learn more.