How Do You Choose the Best Lid for Your New Ute?

If you have recently bought a new ute that you intend to use for commercial purposes, you may need to add some important aftermarket accessories. Assuming that the bed is exposed, the first thing to get will be a cover of some kind, and you have plenty of choices in the marketplace. So, what type of lid should you purchase, and what do you need to consider as you select?

Assessing Your Options

As you intend to use the vehicle for work, practicality and simplicity may be almost as important as security. After all, when you need to get in and out to access tools or equipment, time can represent money, and you don't want to mess around. Still, security is also important, and you want to ensure that petty thieves cannot access your stuff when you are engaged elsewhere or make any half-hearted attempt to break through your cover during the hours of darkness.

Taking Practical Matters into Consideration

Busy contractors in your situation will look for a lid that can be partially opened rather than needing to be fully removed. In this case, they may only need to open the lid a short distance, so they don't expose everything where there is no need. This can help to keep prying eyes out and protect anything towards the front of the bed during inclement weather.

It may not be practical to get a hinged lid, which is either open or closed and is not much use if you have to haul some bulky gear from time to time. After all, you cannot drive with the lid in its open position as the wind will simply tear it off, so you may be forced to take it off completely in those situations.

Choosing the Best Option

On the other hand, if you need to access the entire contents of your bed during a busy day, you don't want your lid to get in the way. If you buy a lid that folds into sections, this could be awkward, so you should choose an option that rolls completely out of the way instead. In this case, you can operate the lid using a handy remote control, so you don't have to put everything else down to perform this simple task. Instead, you just activate the roller lid as you approach and once you're finished, click the fob to close everything down as you walk away to continue your work.

Placing Your Order

So, as you can see, a remote-controlled roller lid is the way to go. Talk with your parts supplier and order this specific part for your vehicle.

Reach out to a retailer that sells a variety of ute lids, such as the Roll R Cover roller lid.