4 reasons you need to switch to Toyo tyres now

Founded over 50 years ago, Toyo tyres have gained a worldwide reputation as the superior choice for any vehicle. But what sets these tyres apart, and why should you invest?

Toyo is one of Australia's leading brands in this market, so read on to find out what sets this brand apart, and why you'll make sure that the next time you stop by a garage it's to get these installed.

Innovation and technology

Whether they're tearing up the track at the Drift Challenge Australia, or getting people across the country, Toyo tyres are built on superior technology. You'd be surprised at just how much innovation can be fitted into these wheels. It's not just at the higher end of their range that this technology comes into it's own however, whether you're buying for a truck or a small family car, buying Toyo tyres means you'll benefit from market leading science and innovation.


Inherent in the design and manufacturing of Toyo tyres is safety. The company understands that it's not just about getting from A to B, people want to get there in comfort and feel that they are safe and secure on the road. Toyo have invested into superior materials which provide a better grip on the road, providing better grip and control for the driver. This isn't just for tarmac and city roads either, Toyo improves safety on all types of road and in all weather conditions, so no matter where you're driving to, you'll feel more in control of the ride.

Consumer satisfaction

If you want to find Australia's best brand, a good place to start is by asking Australians. Toyo regularly win awards from both specialist automotive publications and consumer publications. When people buy Toyo tyres they like what they get and consistently give high satisfaction ratings for the brand. A quick look on any search engine will pull up plenty of positive reviews to put your mind at ease about buying a new set of wheels.

Easy to buy 

When you're buying parts for your car, you want to know that if needed you'll be able to get replacements and assistance easily. Thankfully Toyo tyres are a strong brand in almost every online and physical automotive store in Australia. Additionally, they've built up quite the fan following online, with plenty of websites dedicated to helping you identify the right type of Toyo tyres for your vehicle. For those who prefer to shop in person it also means that garages and workshops will have a clear understanding of your requirements and be able to quickly offer support.