Advantages and Disadvantages Of After Market Parts

Servicing your car and replacing parts for it can be a daunting and expensive task. When buying parts or getting your car serviced at the same place where you bought it or the same company, any parts replaced will most likely be specifically for that car or range of cars. These parts are categorised as from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM.) However, parts directly from the manufacturer can be costly, and after-market parts provide an enticing alternative. After-market parts are parts that do not directly come from the designated car manufacturer, instead coming from an independent source. If going to an independent mechanic, your car parts will often be replaced with after-market car parts. There are a number of advantages and disadvantages to using after-market parts, and consumers should be aware before buying.


After-market parts come from many independent manufacturers, and as such, there is a great variety of different products available for buyers. Due to so much diversity in the after-markets industry, after-market products easily have the capability to potentially match the quality of parts bought directly from the OEM. Original manufacturers must take into consideration factors such as cost, target markets, and long term durability. After-market companies have the freedom to improve upon the original parts, consequently producing higher quality and better performing parts.

After-market parts generally come at significantly cheaper price-points, providing a more affordable alternative to original parts from the manufacturer. However, insurance companies generally desire parts to be after-market in regards to claims, and buyers should make sure that they have been informed that after-market parts have been used.

After-market parts provide a significant advantage over original parts by being easily available. In cases where time is of the essence, after-market parts can easily be found and acquired for use, making them ideal for quick emergencies.


Mentioned earlier, after-market parts come in many different varieties, which consequently mean there is a great potential to buy sub-par and inferior vehicle parts. Buyers should research a number of different products to reach an informed decision. In the case of insurance claims and independent mechanics, buyers should make sure that the parts being used are of sufficient quality and standard.

Buying after-market parts can also be a daunting process, particularly for those who are not knowledgeable on vehicle repair and maintenance. It may be easier and more convenient for buyers to go to the dealership of origin, who provide a convenient and easy service.

The Verdict

After-market parts have the potential to provide buyers with the same standards or higher than the original manufacturer, and with much more availability, but with so many options and ranges of quality, the process can be challenging and risky. It might be a better option to buy parts from the original manufacturer, at least until sufficiently knowledgeable. Reach out to a place that offers Mitsubishi car parts to help you with your needs.