Why You Need to Listen When Your Car Talks to You

Many people love their automobile and some even treat it like a trusted friend. After all, it takes them from point to point on a regular basis and is generally reliable and trustworthy. In fact, you may have such a close affinity with your car that it actually starts to talk to you, in order to let you know when something is wrong and you need to heed this message as carefully as you would if it had been given to you by a "human" friend. So, if today's advice comes in the form of a squealing noise when you apply the brake pedal, what should you do next?

Could It Be the Weather?

Firstly, you need to check for consistency and in other words, need to see if this squealing noise is persistent and doesn't go away over time. Sometimes, excess condensation can build up on the brake discs and this can cause them to "squeal" until this condensation evaporates.

If you've been driving through particularly wet weather or a flooded area along the road, this water could interact with some tiny particles of grit or sand and this could generate this awful cacophony. However, the noise won't last and should go away quite readily when these conditions alleviate.

Is General Maintenance Required?

It's also possible that certain components within the system need attention in the form of lubrication, cleaning or adjustment. Sometimes, a bolt that holds a caliper in place may come loose, or the brake pads themselves may stick in one place.

When It's Time to Change

Most of the time, a consistent squealing noise will indicate that the all-important pads have worn down to the point of replacement. These pads are made from a friction material that works very well when they come into contact with the brake discs, in order to retard the car. However, manufacturers have included a tiny metal strap which will become exposed when the friction material wears down to a certain point and will then come into contact with the brake disc. As you can imagine, this metal strip will grind against the disc and generate the squealing sound, which is your car's way of telling you to take action.

Visit the Mechanic

So, if the noise is persistent and doesn't go away when weather conditions improve, take your vehicle in for brake repairs as soon as possible for prompt action.